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elegant designer luxury wine glass topper drink cover
Diamond Crystal Elegance Drink Cover

Diamond Crystal Elegance Drink Cover

Vino Fresco LLC
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Imbibe In Style 

Protect special libations in style from bugs and outdoor debris with the patented, artistic Wine Glass Topper Drink Cover and Stemware. 


Exquisite Detail

Each Wine Glass Topper and wine glass base is hand-crafted with exquisite detail, giving owner's a unique custom design of their drinkware.  The Wine Glass Topper will cover and protect wine glasses, coffee cups, barware, restaurant and juice glasses.  

Luxury Drink Accessory 

The Wine Glass Topper paired with designer luxury stemware make a memorable gift for that special someone and you ! 

Made in the USA 

Wine Glass Topper

Coffee Topper

Drink Cover